I come from the world of training professionals in information technology. Whenever we began to teach a new programming language, we began by giving step by step instructions, without any explanation why, to make the programming language generate the message “Hello World!” on the monitor. This gave an initial look and feel about what was ahead. We are using the same approach here.
There is a video clip of 10 minutes of Silent Prayer,
  • 2.5 minutes entering Silent Prayer
  • 5 minutes in Silent Worship
  • 2.5 minutes leaving the Prayer
During each section picture tiles are displayed to help you focus. (A picture tile is a picture and associated Scripture quote.)

The sequence runs seamlessly for ten minutes, including the 5 minutes of silence.

There is no need to stop and start.
Please settle in a quiet place, with speakers or headphones on and click this link.
We hope you enjoy the course.