Silent Prayer and an intimate personal relationship with God go together.

There is not one without the other.

This association is personal to you and the Lord.

There is no one prescribed way. However, many others have shared their experiences of Silent Prayer and what works for them, and we have drawn on these for this course. You may find these experiences useful.

We will be explaining two aspects of experiences through the Ski Jump Story and the Bee Story.


A note on Silent Prayer and Silent Worship

Silent Prayer is multi-faceted. We can praise, thank, adore. We can intercede. We can offer Prayers of supplication. Silent Worship is an aspect of Silent Prayer.

In Silent Worship we simply do just that, Worship Him. We seek nothing for ourselves, our focus is totally on Him. We simply join all creatures in heaven and on earth to Worship the Lord.

 The kernel of this Silent Prayer practice is Silent Worship.