Picture yourself in a garden with beautiful flowers.

These are no ordinary flowers, they represent aspects of what the Lord gives us such as REST, PEACE, JOY, LOVE, ONENESS or simply His PRESENCE.

As a bee moves around from one flower to another, so you too are invited to move around one flower to another in the garden.

How long you spend with each one, how often you return, what order you visit is not laid down.

Just enjoy your time in the garden, being nourished by each flower in its own way.

You may find you visit a new flower of the Lord’s own making, made just for you.

REST is important for that’s where you get rid of all the baggage you are carrying before moving around the other flowers.

All throughout all this time let your soul magnify the Lord and your spirit exalt in Him.

You enter and leave the garden as you feel led.

We have produced what we call ‘picture tiles’ to represent examples of these flowers.

Each picture tile consists of a Scripture verse and a picture.

There are sets of picture tiles for ENTER, SECRET PLACE and LEAVE.

When you first start the practice of Silent Prayer these ‘picture tiles’ may help you.

 We have produced a document of these picture tiles which you can download from here.