One feature of Silent Prayer is that the Lord is always leading you deeper into Him and His mystery. This really is the experience of what Scripture calls, Deep calls unto deep … Psalm 42:7

You discover that the Word is much deeper than it is long. Even short verses have unfathomable dimensions of depth.
Just when you are used to Scripture in relation to Contemplation, the Lord will take you to a deeper level beyond words and pictures. You are just there embraced in His Presence. ‘…. you give your deepest to Him whose depth has no end’. (Tailhard de Chardin)
In oneness you do sense being in the crowd, all of you focussed on the Lord, and Him adoring His children.

But I want to share you a story about my own experience this morning. God is full of surprises. My daughter who has severe learning difficulties, had a mild seizure. This was enough for me to abandon my plans of a bright early start in finishing writing this course. I sat down next to her bed as she was still coming round from her experience. I decided to go into Silent Prayer and I put on the half hour recording. As I settled, the thought came to me to take her with me into the secret place. I laid my hand on her arm and really sensed the two of us being taken up by the Lord, (the eagle experience Moses recorded on Deuteronomy 32.) She opened her eyes and held out her hand to mine. We held hands and she closed her eyes and she was so peaceful. We went into the secret place of silent worship together. Towards the end of the silence she sat up and smiled. I let her listen to the ambient music for ‘leaving’ on my headphones. She then did one of the few gestures she knows. She put her hands together to signify prayer and sat for a while. Soon she got up and went down to her breakfast.

We had simply experienced a dimension of oneness in silent worship I had not known before. That is how it can be.