MAKING DISCIPLES – a special case of Service

My people have been lost sheep Jeremiah 50:6



Out there, people are spiritually dying on our streets, their everlasting life is at stake.

Broadly there are two categories of none believing people: -

1. none Christians, other religions and the growing number of secular and humanist people.
2. lost sheep, those who have been introduced to Christianity to a greater or lesser degree and have fallen away.

It is our prayer that we can bring the intimate, personal presence of God into the lives of the first two groups, that they forsake all to follow Jesus, and become active disciples of Jesus.


Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching …. do the work of an evangelist 2 Timothy 4:2

Go after the one which is lost. Luke 15:4

Present the undiluted message of salvation. Salt loses its flavour because it becomes diluted with the compromises to accommodate the ways of this world.

Let your light shine before men. Go out and about in the world, at the city gates, on the street corners; and in this day and age, on social media, or wherever you feel called to interface with those who are lost.

Every encounter is different, listen to Jesus.

Convey to people what it is like to be a disciple.

Invite people to be disciples.


Some reject the Word. Hardened hearts may become harder.

Some receive the Word, take in what you say, and it touches them, their hearts are being softened.

Some receive the Word, from instantly to some time later, accept Jesus into their hearts.

I like to think that the many acts of Service nullifying the perilous difficulties, prepare hearts for people to receive the Word.