MARCH 2020
Five people attended our new format the ‘Silent Prayer Hour’. May they be blessed.
Earlier in the month a Belfrey Group experienced a Silent Prayer Hour. Comments were very positive, especially from those who had never been introduced to silent prayer before.
Our appreciation of silent prayer is developing and growing. We are beginning to realise how foundational this practice was in the early church. For it really can be foundational to your life as a disciple. It keeps you grounded and focussed. If you regard prayer as foundational to discipleship you will be quite at home with this.
(1) SILENT WORSHIP We thank the Lord for showing us that the time in the silence is simply and solely silent worship. In meditation and contemplation we thank, praise and adore the Lord for who He is and what He does.
(2) A PATTERN OF PRAYER We thank the Lord for giving us the pattern of 1:2:1 in ‘enter : worship : leave’. How well it suits our way of life today. Find a 10 minute space and you really can enter deeply into worship. The whole experience is prayer in its full expression, but the silence is simply worship, giving to our God.
(3) ACCESS SILENT PRAYER RECORDINGS Let us say you have 10 minutes for prayer. You can now access a 10 minute recording, 2.5 minutes ambient music for ‘enter’, 5 minutes for ‘silent worship’, 2.5 minutes ambient music for ‘leave’. You just start the recording, and settle for the 10 minute duration. We have a web page for these recordings, Access the page, select the time you have available, and the recording will stream from Youtube.
You may wish to use our new guide, ‘Silent Prayer: Enter, Worship, Leave’, 4 sides of A4.
16 people turned up to our first meeting, 'drop in, drop your bags, stay a while'. May you all be blessed.
A church in Yorkshire has requested the A7 booklets to display in their chaplaincy, and they want 30 A7 booklets for a Lent quiet day.
A change of focus for our next meeting in response to feedback. We are making our ‘SILENT PRAYER HOUR, A Practical Guide to Silent Prayer’, available. People not used to this type of prayer or those who find it difficult to start, or soon get restless, may wish to use it. It is full of some of the many different things experienced by others in silent prayer. Do come along for the hour and follow the practical guide or just be there in silent stillness for the hour.
The witness of someone on a silent prayer retreat. A wise and experienced host said to him when he arrived, “You will know you are there when you see the ants”. Some time into the retreat our witness felt everything had been lifted off him, and as he looked down on a path in the grounds he was so calm and at peace that he noticed ants moving to and fro. For him it was acknowledging the lightness of being in the garden of Eden. Our definition of silent prayer is, ‘being with thy Lord in the garden in the cool of the day.’ Genesis 3:8 It so fits what our witness shared.
Feedback has led us to develop a new resource,
'SILENT PRAYER GUIDE, A Practical Guide to Silent Prayer'
We will hold a 'Silent Prayer Hour' based on the guide at our February meeting.


The book, ‘The SILENT PRAYER of SCRIPTURE’ is published and available on Amazon [cost £5 p&p free]. It is also available as a free A4 download from this web site.

A7 Booklets are back from the printers, contact us if you want some for the back of your church.