Thank you for looking at this page.
We are responding to the many wants and needs people have in this fallen world.
On almost every front there is a mess; the economy, the environment, loneliness, debt, addiction. The list could go on.
We know some of you out there are almost in despair.

This Covid-19 epidemic has impacted so many, threatening not just our health but our jobs, our homes, our pensions, our security, our very future.

In has shaken people to the core.

Booze and box sets don’t work. Many feel an emptiness.

We want to carry the response, not a response, but the response, the solution for you and your lives; each one of you personally. We want to carry to you our message of hope, rest, peace and joy.
Some of you may have prayed for help.
We pray we are here as first responders to those who are in need.
Please watch the videos below as we witness to how Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life for each of us.

Our prayer is a simple one, “that Jesus may be the same for you as He is for us”.
There is a contact email address at the bottom of the page. Please get in touch and we will get back to you.

We want to meet you in the place where you are at now, with kindness, understanding and love.
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Warren Furman fronts Ace Active Ministry, with a passion to spread the Gospel.
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Paul Myers is the Parish Evangelist at the Belfrey.
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John Mercer is a member of York House of Prayer.