Be anxious for nothing, … let your requests be made known to God Philippians 4:6

We use the word intercession here but broaden its scope to refer to any requests, supplications and intercessions.

The key word is ASK.

You may wish to join together what is on your heart to ask; with what is on God’s heart to give.

As God’s motive is love, we can learn from what God is offering us. It is the right choice.

This document lists what is on God’s heart from the prophets Isaiah through to Malachi.

Eighty-nine verses are listed thematically.

You may wish to see if what you are asking matches a verse about what is on God’s heart to give.

Blend what you are asking with what God is giving. Then ask!

There are many other verses in Scripture you can use to inform and shape what you are asking.

This document may encourage you in this practice

Download document [pdf 125K]