Prayer is simply communication with God.

Silent Prayer

Silent prayer is so named because it is carried out in silent stillness. There is no vocal expression.
You begin by obeying coming to Jesus. How? He says, “Come to me all you who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. and He will give you rest. Matthew 11:24

You give to Him your cares and concerns, those things occupying your mind. With that done you have the space in your heart to engage with the Lord. You may sense the Holy Spirit carrying you up into the secret place of the Most High where the Lord dwells. Using the metaphor of an eagle, you may stretch out your wings Isaiah 40:31, or you may carried up as on eagles’ wings. Deuteronomy 32:10-12

Jesus desires your presence in this way. You are with Him and may behold the glory the Father has given Him.

Follow the example of Mary who said, ‘My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit exalts in my God for He has regard for my lowly state. Luke 1:41-42

In lowliness your soul magnifies the Lord in your heart and your spirit exalts in Him.

Though you may be in deep prayer alone, you are also in group prayer too. For at times you find yourself around the throne praising God with all creatures in heaven and on earth. Revelation 5:13

This is a prayer of peace, rest and joy. All you do is exalt the Lord. He may lead you in a way that surprises you.

Here we describe the 'Silent Prayer of Scripture' as a way of having an intimate personal relationship with God.
Simply, ‘being with the Lord in the garden in the cool of the day.’ Genesis 3:8
We have produced some recordings as an easy way to get involved.
All you have to do is go to the web link, SILENT PRAYER RECORDINGS
Select the time you have available.
10 minutes
20 minutes
30 minutes
40 minutes
50 minutes
60 minutes
Each one  links you to a YouTube video. You stream the recording from there.
Each recording is set up to follow this pattern.
  1. ‘ENTER’ – gentle ambient music is played.
  2. 'SILENT WORSHIP - a time of silence
  3. ‘LEAVE’ – gentle ambient music is played.
The recording is seamless and goes into the silent time and keeps ‘playing’.
If you want to know more about the Silent Prayer of Scripture here is a short course (about one hour), SILENT PRAYER OF SCRIPTURE COURSE.
If you want to sample a recording here is a link to the 10 minute SILENT PRAYER RECORDING.
Vocal Prayer

Vocal prayer is the interweaving of worship, scripture, witness, and spontaneity in the use of the gifts such as knowledge, wisdom or prophecy. The Lord has already planned your encounter with meticulous care. Jesus leads you in the power of the Holy Spirit. Nothing happens in prayer by chance.

Silent prayer and vocal prayer is a superposition. You can be in both at the same time. When you focus on one that is the position.

Denominational prayer

The Lord enjoys and embraces all prayer and worship. Within each denomination there is an expression of prayer based on its liturgy, dogma and ministry. The Lord will lead you to whatever way suits you.