UNITY – a glory of a tree on the banks of the river.

… that they may be one in Us. John 17:21


Unity is oneness.

It is Christians being together in oneness.

The Season of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on ALL, allows us to be one for we are one in the same Spirit.

Silent Prayer, Watchman Prayer, Service and Evangelism allow us to be together in oneness.

We really need to pray together above all else.

This we can all do in Silent Prayer and Watchman Prayer.


We engage in activities together from across the denominations.

Silent Prayer together

Watchman Prayer together – go for a 24/7/365 – it needs all of us.

Service together – we engage together in the many activities which address the perilous difficulties in our nation.

Evangelism together – we take the light of Jesus Christ into our dark world for the remediation of God’s absence.


From John 17, Jesus’s Prayer for All Believers:-

*the world will believe that the Father has sent Jesus into the world.

*the world will know that the Father has sent Jesus, that Jesus loves them as the Father loves Jesus.